Peoplebehing the scene

Campsite Biokovo is the only campsite located in inland Dalmatia, Imotski region. So in a way, we are pioneers in the valley of glorious Mt Biokovo. In the first year of the campsite, our visitors were local people who were curious to see what we did. For some, our campsite was the first campsite they visited.

Our idea was to have fun as a family, to plan, create, and built something together. We strive to create a safe and positive place. Through our affordable prices, pet friendly and all humans’ friendly policy. We built our common area and kitchen so you can cook together, exchange recipes, or sit together and talk. The garden to pick some vegetables from the land. It is organic and you can eat what you pick right away.

But also, we find it important to build a place where people can enjoy their privacy. If you want to spend your time here without interaction with others, we have no problem with that. Some of the pitches are further from the reception and common area and you are free to use them.

As it usually goes, the younger generation was in charge of the creative part, parents did all the hard work. It wasn’t easy, but we loved every moment of it. At this stage of the camp building journey, we managed to create the little place we call home. Place where you are welcome as a member of our family, open-hearted with a smile.