Our village Zagvozd

Zagvozd is a non-tourist place located on the north side of Mountain Biokovo. The location is perfect for all who like to go on short day trips or feel adventurous to discover small paths and hiking trails. Hiking trails start from a small village Milići where the red-white marks, along the route, point you up in the right direction to the top and its peak Saint Jure.

In the village's centre, you can find a post office and ATM, coffee bars, restaurants, shops, bakery, butchers,...

Interesting facts about the Zagvozd areaZagvozd is a host to one of the most famous festivals in south Croatia "Glumci u Zagvozdu" where you can see some of the most popular Croatian shows.
The first mention of the name Zagvozd dates back from 533. the mentioned name was Montenense. An old name for Zagvozd (behind the hill/mountain).
The remains of the French or Napoleon's road in Zagvozd.The French, during their domination (1808-1813) constructed a road in Dalmatia in a short time. Today this road is known as “Napoleon's Road" or the "French Road" - Joško Belamarić Tombstones in Zagvozd. Greystone blocks with different carvings on them. Some show people, years, on others are shapes of a star, flower or moon. Most of them were placed in front of the local church. The most famous tombstone is „Vukov greb“. Placed at the western village entrance. Its unusual shape with interesting carvings took him to different exhibitions around Europe.

Church from the 17th century, in the village centre, next to the new local church. Simple architecture and unusual layout of entrance and altar. Entrance doors are facing the south altar is facing the north. Above the entrance is a text written in Bosančica (Western Cyrillic).

Cross the street from the churches is „Piove“, part of the public water cistern used till the middle of the 20th century.