Biokovo mountain hike from the campsite

The hike to the top of Mount Biokovo took about 10 hours there and back (including all the stops along the way and the sit down I had when I reached the top). I began from the campsite and walked to a nearby village called Milići as there was a starting point there. There was markings (red and white paint on rocks/trees for the purpose of guiding hikers in the right direction) the whole way up, although, in some parts the markings were hard to spot at first glance. In terms of the skill level that would be required to complete the trek, I think intermediate would be a fair judgement. It was quite steep in parts but always seemed to flatten out again when my legs seemed to be getting too exhausted. There was a lot of shade given off from the trees and there were only a few parts where there was no trees around – in those areas the sun felt quite hot (so remember sunscreen/hats/sunglasses). As I approached the top of the mountain I could feel the coolness of the air coming from the sea that lay beneath the opposite side. I was surprised as I thought it was going to be very hot at the top but it was more refreshing than anything else. The view from the top over the coastline was so wonderful and worth all of the tiredness and exhaustion it took to get there. The trek itself was very beautiful and the views of the mountains and lake from various angles/heights was amazing. I would recommend anyone to do this trek but maybe not alone (partly because my friend and I were the only ones on the track the whole time, so if anything went wrong there may not being anyone passing by for a long time).There was phone reception in some parts but not all and also don’t forget food and water! This was truly amazing experience and I would recommend it to all, Biokovo is amazing mountain.

by: Nienke (Australia)