Basko Polje Beach

We drove for 10 minutes from Camp Biokovo through the tunnel towards the coast. I arrive at Basko Polje Beach (South of Baska Voda Beach) and walk through the pine trees towards the rocky sea’s edge. I reach the water and the first thing I notice is the bright blue of the Sea before me. I move south along the water’s edge passing by various bars and restaurants until I find a spot to set myself up. I am perched upon the rocks where below me are small bays made of smooth stones. It’s the high season but there’s hardly anyone around in this part of the beach. A little sea-side slice of serenity in the Croatian summer. I scuttle down the rocks and walk over the white pebbles into the sea. It’s flat, calm, and so clear that I can see myself under the water. I swim out and look back at the shore, astonished by the grandiose view of Sveti Jure and the other Mountains that line the Dalmatia coast. What a brilliant view to have while taking a dip in the Adriatic Sea.