Small town of Imotski

A drive for 20 minutes from Camp Biokovo through the winding roads of the Dalmatia hinterland had us arrive at the small town of Imotski. This is home of “Plavo Jezero” and “Crveno Jezero” the “Blue Lake” and “Red Lake” two unique karst lakes formed by the collapse of a once massive cave. After stopping for quick coffee at the entrance, we started or descent down the zig-zag cliff side path, past the Topana Fortress, towards the blue lake. From lookout points along the way, I peered down at the bright blue water deep in the sinkhole. It’s breathtaking and the people swimming are but tiny specks in the grand scene. It’s the middle of summer so the walk is about 15 minutes down. Were it the start of spring and the water had freshly melted off the mountain tops, the water level would be much higher. I reach the lakes edge and I dip my toes in the pristine water. It’s refreshing against the hot summer’s sun. I dive in off the rocks and plunge into the cool water… is so clear that when I emerge my head I can see my body and legs paddling under the surface. I lie on my back and float, looking up at the surrounding cliff. A seriously awe inspiring experience.